Can I use my own photos or artwork?

Absolutely!  Just be sure they were taken at the highest megapixel/resolution setting possible for the best results. The recommended minimum of 8 megapixels is best for medium sized prints and a recommended minimum of 12 megapixels for large garage screens and garage interior graphics. Digital SLR cameras are best for taking high quality photos for large format printing such as we do.

Photos taken from your cell phone or tablet are NOT the best choice for large scale printing. Although some of these devices can go as high as 13 megapixels the down side is that they have a smaller image sensor that can produce artifacts and noise that can be seen when printed at a large scale.

If you have an old photo or artwork you would like to use we suggest to have it professionally scanned at 1200dpi or a minimum of 600dpi and saved as a high resolution .tiff or .jpeg  file.

Remember: The output of your project depends on the input of your image.