Measuring Tips


Lets get measuring



Our garage screens and interior wall graphics are made to fit any size, all we need are your measurements. So break out that measuring tape and have some fun picturing your new garage or garage screen. If you prefer, and you are local, we can come out and do the measuring for you. In most cases, garage screens are straight forward and easy to measure.



Garage Screens

We suggest installing our screens on the inside of the garage door frame for a few reasons:

  1. Nice-n-Clean: All of the screen edges will be hidden giving a nice clean look, especially when the door is closed.
  2. Irregular shaped doors: This eliminates potential errors for a correct fit since there will be no need for cutting. Some examples are an arch or angled corners on the top of the door.
  3. Security: Our screens can stay up all season long.  Installing on the inside prevents access to the hardware and can’t be taken down from the outside.

When measuring for inside installation we automatically add 8 inches on top (to clear the door) and 1.75 inches on each side, in addition to the height x width, unless otherwise noted.

Start by measuring height and width of door opening.


Tip: Always measure to ensure a good fit. There’s NO cost for slight variations to our listed standard sizes. 

Next is to measure where to install the hooks or roller system that your screen will hang from.  Measure from top of opening and up high enough so the garage door will clear everything. Generally, as long as your above the bend of the door track you will be ok. See picture below.



Now for the sides. Measure from the edge of the door opening (not the rubber flap, the flap sticks out farther from the frame edge.) to the track bracket. See picture below.





Interior Wall Graphics 


TIP: Download our helpful measurement worksheet at bottom of page

We give you some wiggle room. We add an extra inch or two to your measurements to allow for trim. This trim will compensate for walls that may be a little off and out of square.

Doors and windows
We ask that you measure any doors, windows and other obstacles that may be on the wall. This is because we strategically try to layout your image, keeping in mind, your doors and windows so as not to cut out an important part of the image, should your image call for this. Optionally, you can include the door to get covered with the image, and as for windows, we can create a see through covering with the portion of the image that would be cut out otherwise.







Measurement worksheet

This measurement worksheet is free to download and will help you keep track of garage screen and interior graphics measurements.



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