Refunds, Returns and Warranty Policy

This policy covers our screens, wall graphics and any and all items that we have produced thus far and in the future. All items shall be identified  as “products” in this policy.


We will be glad to offer a full refund less any incurred costs for design elements, before a final proof is submitted .  In order to expedite your project, once a final proof is submitted it gets forwarded to the print department right away.  We are sorry, but  due to the nature of our products once it has started the print and assembly process we can not offer a refund of any kind.

Design elements include and are not limited to: Purchased images, design fees, custom made hardware, etc.



We accept returns if there was shipping damage or an error on our part.

Upon delivery we ask that you inspect for any damage such as cuts, opened, re-taped, rips, crushed packaging etc. Should there be any issues you should carefully open the package and inspect for any damage to your product. If your product looks ok accept the package and ask the driver to note that there was damage to the package. If your product is broken or damaged do not accept the package and tell the driver you have to refuse the package because of damage. In either case we ask that you take a few pictures showing the damage. Should there be any issues don’t hesitate to contact us


Limited Warranty

We offer a one (1) year warranty on parts and materials only. This does not cover any damage that may occur once delivered and in your possession. This includes and is not limited to:

  • damage by sharp or blunt objects
  • Damage by a motor vehicles
  • spills of any kind of substance
  • excessive rubbing or picking at
  • animals scratching, biting or clawing or chewing